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Thank you for your endorsements and support.

Putting your name on this list means you support Brandi Peetz' candidacy for the re-election to Spokane Valley City Council, Position #2.  It means you believe she made a positive difference in her first year as a City Councilwoman and when elected again, she will continue to help bring a fresh, new and informed perspective.

Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich - Law Enforcement
Adam Morrison - Former Gonzaga University Basketball Player
Josh Heytvelt - Former Gonzaga University Basketball Player
Chad White - Top Chef Contest/Spokane Valley Business Owner
Eldonna Shaw - Former Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce CEO
Jacqueline Van Wormer - Former Regional Criminal Justice Administrator
Mike "The Maverick" Chiesa - The Ultimate Fighter: Live Winner
Kim Plese - Business Owner 
Mary Kuney - Spokane County Commissioner 
Nancy McLaughlin - Former Spokane County Commissioner 
Mike Pearson - Former Central Valley School District Superintendent/Fire Commissioner 
John Guarisco - Fire Commissioner/Real Estate
Michael Devleming - Former Mayor of Spokane Valley 
Dean Grafos - Former Mayor of Spokane Valley 
Tom Towey - Former Mayor of Spokane Valley 
Diana Wilhite - Former Mayor of Spokane Valley 
Ben Wick - Current City Council Member of Spokane Valley 
Bill Gothmann - Former City Council Member of Spokane Valley 
Chuck Hafner - Former City Council Member of Spokane Valley 
Shane Brickner - Pro Tem Mayor of Liberty Lake 
Cris Kaminskas - City Councilmember of Liberty Lake 
Kevin Richey - Mayor of Airway Heights 
Veronica Messing - City Councilmember of Airway Heights 
Businesses and Groups 
Barrebell Fitness Studio
Building Trades
Cartel Inc. - Hair Salon
Click It Auto and RV Group 
Grafos Investments 
GT-X Sports Performance 
International Association of Firefighters 876 (Spokane Valley)
Iron Workers Pacific NW
Natural High Espresso
Northwest Sportscards
Lalozy Coffee
Plese Printing and Marketing
Ponderosa Republican Women
Preferred Labor Signs (Local 1094) 
Republicans of Spokane County
Sharp Shooters Indoor Range
Sharp Voice (Voice Overs by Adam C. Sharp) 
Shotzy's Coffee on Pines
Spokane Detail - Car Detailing
Stahl Optical 
Sweetser Law Office
UA Local 44
UFCW 1439
Victory Media
Yvonne Aitken - Athlete 
Matt Albertson
Krista Andrizzi-Larsen
Nick Arrotta - Business Owner
Brian Asmus - Law Enforcement
Charity Bagatsing - Business Owner
Jeremy Ball - Business Owner
Robin Ball - Business Owner
Katina Ballard
Margie Basaraba - Business Owner 
Mark Beattie
Samara Behler
Darrah Bosse 
William Bouten
Stacia Bowers
Bryce Brewer - Pastor 
Drew Brooks - Business Owner
Parker Brooks - Business Owner
Jim Brown
Fuzzy Buckenberger - Business Owner
Staci Buckenberger 
Patrick and Dee Burch
Nadine Burgess - Business Owner
Tory Burney
Debi Camarda - Business Owner
Kert Carlson - Business Owner
Jarrod Carter
Bill and Heidi Chapman
Leonard and Rima Christian
Kent and Bonnie Quinn Clausen
Dale and Marilyn Cline
Kevin and Keri Collins - Business Owners 
Tracy Couture
Roxanne Crafton
Bennie Crocker
Meagan Cunningham
Patrick Cunningham
Deidre Curtis
Michael Davisson & Marcia Sands
Nick Defazio - Business Owner
Leilani Delong
Austin DePaolo 
Frankie Dewitt
Brandon Deyarmin - Educator/Former Teacher 
Marty Dickinson
Tom Dingus
Leanne Burgess Donley
Kristen Duncan
Dan Dunne
Skip Eagle
Chris and Angie Elam
Scott Ellsworth
Lori Feagan, Nurse Practitioner
Chris Felts Jones
Greg Ferraro - Business Owner
Tim Fitzgerald
Nina Flugel
Mike Foley
Angie Foltz 
Pam Frederick
Steve Freng 
Ann Frunk - Law Enforcement 
Danielle Garrett
Pam Gothmann
Elizabeth Grafos - Business Owner 
Chad Griffith - Business Owner
Misty Griffith
Patty Groth
John Gauarisco
Karen Gude
Vikas Gumbhir - Educator/Former Professor 
Janet Hafner 
Cindy Hallett - Business Owner
Dieanna Hamper
Nicole and Jeff Hanley
Brittany Heidenreich - Business Owner
Mike Helmberger - Real Estate 
Tawny Hiett - Real Estate 
David Hightower - Law Enforcement 
Matthew Hilbrich
Brooke Holloman - Business Owner
Ron and Deanna Hormann 
Thomas and Lori Houck - Business Owner
Petra Hoy
Aimee Hubbard - Corrections 
Chris Jackson
Terry and Bev Johnson
Darin Justus - Business Owner 
Suzun Kaiser
Melodie Kaltenbaugh
Chris Kaminskas
Michelle Kelly
Kelly Kiki - Business Owner/Educator/Former Coach/Teacher
Loren Kilham
Kristen King - Veteran 
Wilma Koski
Stacy Hale Kowtko - Educator/Former Professor 
Dayne Kuhlmann
Debbie Krum - Real Estate 
Max Kuney
Kristi Kuntz
Amy Larsen - Business Owner 
Andrew Lawson
Jessa Lewis
Rick Lloyd
Debbie Long
Crystal Madsen - Business Owner
Patty Marcus
Bobi Marshall
Jeff Martin
Darren Mattozzi - Education/Prevention 
Kay Wright McGlocklin
Bob McKinley
Jeff McMorris
Albert Merkel
Veronica Messing
Dan and Jaysea Middlebos
Beva Miles 
Dennis Mitchell - Business Owner
Karin Morris
Nancy Mossuto Tortorelli
Nicole Murphy
Donna O'Leary
Mike Offield - Real Estate/Business Owner
Dennis Olson - Educator/Former Principal 
Lon Page - Business Owner
Geoff Palachuk - Attorney at Law
Tiffany Papich
John Pardee  - Retired Law Enforcement
Chuck Parker - Spokane County Sheriff Citizens' Advisory Board President
John and Sylvia Passe
Mike Pearson
Brad Peetz
Chad Peetz
Marta Peetz 
Robert (Bob) Peetz - Business Owner 
Chris Pendell 
Dana Pendergass - Real Estate/Former Coach 
Brad Pesnell - Pastor
Christy Peterson - Education 
Mary Marler-Petty
Tomi Pintler
Danielle Pirello - Business Owner 
Shawn Poole
Sean Powell
Julie Primmer
Cara Rachelle
Sue Radmaker
Brock and SheriAnn Reidt
Jim Reincke
Blent Rice - Business Owner
Mark Richard
Kevin Richey
Sherri Robinson
Julie Rosenoff
Stephen Ross
Rob and Mindy Rowe
Pat Sanders - Education/Business Owner
Phil Sanford - Business Owner 
John and Tiffany Saraceno - Business Owner 
Kaye Schaich 
Theresa Schimmels
DJ and Kathy Schultz
Angela Sety - Business Owner 
Adam Sharp - Educator/Business Owner/Former Professor 
Eldonna Shaw
Brandi Shea
Tina Nogler Sheldon
Dan Shields - Pastor 
Damon Simmons - Law Enforcement
Shon Skiles - Business Owner
Becky Smallfoot
Adam Smith
Cheryl Smith - Business Owner
 Norel and Alex Smith
Carol Snyder - Business Owner 
Traci Steenburgen - Business Owner
Cathy Stevens - Regional Operations 
Cheryl Stewart
Patrick Stretch
James Sweetser - Attorney/Former Spokane County Prosecutor
Marcus Sweetser - Attorney/Former Campaign Manager for Marcus Riccelli
Anthony and Ashley Tarter
CJ Taylor - Business Owner (GTX Sports)
Paula Taylor
Lacy Thomas - Real Estate 
Karrie Sundell Thomson
Norman and Carrie Thomson - Business Owner
Jim Tieken
Cheryl Tower
Jeff Tower - Law Enforcement
Karen Towey
Casey Vansickle 
Jacqueline Van Wormer
Alyssa Venable
Ben Volk - Business Owner 
Abbie Wagar
Eric Walker - Business Owner
Chris and Jana Welp 
Chud and Cindy Wendle
Dawn West
Robert West
Danica Wick - Business Owner
C Richard Wilhite - Business Owner 
Jennie Willardson
Paige Willingham-Lentz - Realtor 
Ken and Tina Wisenor - Business Owner 
Ken Witter - Firefighter
Kathy Wolrehammer - Educator/Former Teacher 
Emma Woolley - Business Owner
Don and Jan Young

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