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Young, Female and Leading A Generation Of Voters 35 and Under

Brandi Peetz has been a resident of the City of the Spokane Valley for over 26 years. Watch her candidate video below. As a concerned citizen and someone who wants to see our city continue to grow and prosper, she decided to "put her hat" in this Spokane Valley City Council race.

She is a female, young and working to lead the next generation of leaders in our community. Our younger voters want to be engaged and have someone in office who is in touch with their ideas and issues, and Brandi is the only only one who fits that bill for the 35 year-old and under constituents. She is showing them that although this entire process can be unnerving, that they can get past the negativity, personal attacks and intimidation.

Check out her website for more information:

Click below to see her speak in this video:

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