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Campaign Signs

On Friday morning, you may have seen some volunteers on the corner of Sprague and Sullivan waving signs to support the Campaign to elect Brandi Peetz for the Spokane Valley City Council.  We'd like to give a special thank you to those who waved and honked along the way.  It was another reminder of what a great and welcoming community we have. 

Later in the afternoon, two more volunteers were helping hang some more campaign signs.  We are especially thankful to them since they did it in the heat of the day yesterday.

ELECTION INFO:  Did you know that it is the candidate's responsibility (and their campaign members) to be sure all signs are removed once the election is over?  Since it can be tough to remember where signs were placed, Brandi's campaign has a large map where they pin point the location of each sign.  This is so that when the election is over, each sign will be removed as required.  We want to be sure we are responsibly cleaning up the advertising and keeping our community clean.


Spokane County Sign Regulations

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