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Community Engagement

I will be bringing to the table a new and innovative approach to citizen involvement in our government called, "Voice Of the People."  This concept seeks to reestablish our democracy in its founding principles, by giving ‘We the People’ a greater role in government. Voice of the People furthers the use of innovative methods, technology, and social media to give the Citizens of Spokane Valley a more effective voice in the policy-making process.

Voice of the People will incorporate various types of social media ie. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, etc) to bring news from City Hall to those that cannot get out to lengthy meetings.  This method of communication will also be used to solicit ideas from our community and reach out to our younger citizenry as well.

I plan on and will encourage other council members to participate in a new town-hall concept interaction called, "Community Council Conferences." Different venues will be selected around the valley once a month.  Not only will this increase visibility and business revenue, it will give participants a chance to interact in an informal atmosphere with their City Representatives. Business owners will be able to interact with Council Members in a relaxed atmosphere to share their visions of a greater Spokane Valley.

Finally, we must put our community partnerships at the center of our work. We share responsibility with our partners – Citizens, business owners, the private sector, government entities, employees, faith groups, and community and civil society organizations – toward the goal of achieving a vibrant, healthy, and safe community. We must stay focused on this vision and not get side-tracked with "pet projects" that are a waste of time, money, and resources. We know the potential for sustainability, innovation, and prosperity is much greater with the support and collaboration of our partners. I will be committed to full transparency, budget sharing, and engagement with our community, which leads to the realization of our collective goals and dreams.

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