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Neighborhood Integrity

Some on the City Council tout themselves as "fiscal conservatives."  This is a "political position that calls for lower levels of public spending, lower taxes and lower government debt. It is a variety of conservatism concerned with economic rather than social issues. Fiscal conservatives oppose unnecessary government expenditures, deficits, and government debt" (Wikipedia; March - 2017).  This philosophy on its face is not bad.  It is easy to say you run on that platform, with looming project costs, infrastructure needs, and a declining revenue source.  Wanting to build your own police force does not follow this model of thinking.

What is most important is to be honest.  The key here is to be transparent with the community, tell them the truth, and educate them.  This is what I coin as being "fiscally informative!"  

There are challenges on the horizon.  Our present public safety costs total about 25 million dollars. Beyond the annual challenge of balancing the General Fund budget, there are declining revenues in the Street Operation and Maintenance Fund #101 that will impact our future ability to deliver historic service levels.  In addition there is also balancing the cost of pavement preservation against other transportation and infrastructure needs and the Railroad Grade Separation and Quiet Zone Projects (overpasses and underpasses).  Bridging the Valley is a proposal to separate vehicle traffic from train traffic in the 42 mile corridor between Spokane and Athol, ID. 

Using a Retail Improvement Strategy we can implement ways to attract businesses and facilitate growth in the City.  Retaining local dollars and attracting spending from outside our city limits can be realized in a robust recreation and tourism program.  Presently these funds are under-performing.  In order to increase overnight stays and tourism related spending, along with dining and shopping sectors, we must look at new entertainment and recreation facilities.  I also support the concept of a community center and marketplace across from the newly constructed City Hall at what is called Balfour Park. 

I promise to be transparent, educate our community, and to not spend a nickel of taxpayer dollars without their knowledge and consent.  I promise to partner with our educational administrators to explore programming and resources that will give our children the ability to flourish in this environment.


* Fiscal Conservatives definition from Wikipedia -

** Monetary figures and projections above were reported from various Spokane Valley website budgeting documents and posts.


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